MICHAL NEUVIRTH WEARING OUR PINK PADSKINZ BREAST CANCER RIBBONS DURING THEIR GAME ON NOV 07 2014. Video here: http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?hdpid=49&id=665587&lang=en


PADSKINZ PIC OF THE DAY! “Before” on the left, “After” on the right (LIGHT ROYAL BLUE ADDED)

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- GOALIE MONKEY!!!  We are very proud and excited to announce that PadSkinz can now be found online at www.goaliemonkey.com and by early December, in stores! With 6 retail locations in the US, 1 in Sweden and a HUGE online presence, you’re probably aware that the Monkey Sports / Goalie Monkey.com is one of the biggest hockey retailers in the world.  This gives our US customers another great set of locations to buy our premium PadSkinz product! Check them out today!

- PLAYERS BENCH! We are very proud to announce that PadSkinz can now be found at Players Bench stores in the US and online at www.playersbench.com. Players Bench has 8 stores across the US and are a preferred destination for Hockey and Lacrosse apparel and equipment. Check them out today!

- MOVEMBER IS HERE! We are donating 5% of every Custom Moustache or BlockerSkinz sale in November to the Canadian Movember Foundation. More details here: http://www.padskinz.ca/movember/

- MORE TEAMS / PLACES TO BUY PADSKINZ! We have just updated our “Teams” and “Where To Buy” pages with more teams and stores that carry PadSkinz. www.padskinz.ca/where-to-buy

- ANOTHER NHL TEAM! We would like to welcome the BOSTON BRUINS to our Chameleon Sports family. That brings us to 16 NHL TEAMS NOW USING OUR PRODUCTS! Several more Minor Pro teams are using our products as well! Check here for a full list: www.padskinz.ca/teams/

- BLOCKERSKINZ ARE HERE! – Put a new face on your blocker. More info here: www.padskinz.ca/blockerskinz/






Do you have mismatched gloves? Want to give your current blocker a fresh new look? Do it with BlockerSkinz! These are pre-cut and pre-printed sheets of the same PadSkinz material that started this genre almost 4 years ago, with the look of different models of blockers.  More detail here: www.padskinz.ca/blockerskinz/




This proud Canadian company started out at the beginning of 2011 with a goal in mind. To create a solution for goalies that needed a colour change to their goal pads and gloves. As most parents, kids and goalies know, it’s very expensive to change gear especially when it’s just for the sake of colours. As a goalie myself for the past 30+ years, I have lived this nightmare many times over.

There have been other solutions to this problem along the way like leather dyes and duct tape but none of them work for more than a few games. When we created PadSkinz, we knew we had a winner. We found the thinnest, lightest and most durable top material we could find with a wide range of colours. We tested many, many adhesives before we found the perfect one that would stay stuck in all situations. We included tracing paper for our customer’s convenience so they could create a template to cut out of the PadSkinz material. Since mid-2013, the word about PadSkinz has spread like wildfire, due to the great concept and the high quality of our product.

Fast forward to today, almost 4 YEARS LATER, and you’ll find our flagship product “PadSkinz” in the 2014 Sochi Olympics on Ryan Miller‘s pads, in the NHL with many teams, in the minor pro leagues, in beer leagues, in kids leagues, in stores, and the list goes on….  Heck, we even have a competitor!

Speaking of, something to remember about other companies trying to sell you a similar product, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AS PADSKINZ! When they found out about PadSkinz, they decided to try to create the same product, using different materials and adhesives. BEWARE! Remember, we have done R&D and testing on our product for almost 4 YEARS at pro hockey levels. We know exactly what works best and what doesn’t. We have the LIGHTEST, MOST FLEXIBLE and EASY TO APPLY product on the market. We are the premium brand from the company that invented this entire genre. Our new PantSkinz product is thinner, lighter and easier to apply as well.

While we’re on the topic of invention, in July / August 2014, we released our first new products since PadSkinz called “PalmSkinz“, “GripSkinz” and “PantSkinz“. PalmSkinz are sheets of the same Nash material used on most player and goalie palms but with an adhesive backing. GripSkinz are sheets of the same Sure-Grip digital material used on player and goalie palms to help get a better grip on your hockey stick, with an adhesive backing. This will save most hockey players from sending their gloves away to be re-palmed, which is time consuming and expensive. You can either repair, make the palm get a better grip on the stick or make your gloves last longer with our great product. Just cut, peel and stick! PantSkinz are sheets of the same 420 Denier Nylon material used on hockey pants, gloves, pads, etc, with an adhesive backing.  Now you can do repairs or change colours with this amazing Nylon product. We have the thinnest, lightest and easiest to apply adhesive nylon product on the market. Seem too good to be true? It’s not! As always, we have spent CLOSE TO ONE YEAR of R&D and testing on these products at pro hockey levels to ensure it meets our highest levels of quality. Just like PadSkinz, this stuff works! See more under the “PalmSkinz Info”, “GripSkinz Info” or “PantSkinz Info” tab.

If you want the best materials and the best adhesives for hockey equipment, stick with our products at Chameleon Sports. We created the product genre and know it better than anyone else. You can be sure that our new product and future products will all have the same high quality that we expect.